There are many different aspects of successful exam administration. To ensure that everyone taking an Aquifer exam is able to do so effectively, we have detailed the activities that need to happen and the responsibilities of everyone participating in the exam, including Course Administrators, Proctors, your institution’s Technical Support Staff, and Aquifer Support Staff. Aquifer has also developed several tools to enhance exam administration that are provided here in one convenient location.

Course Administrator’s Responsibilities

Course Administrators (Clerkship Administrators and/or Clerkship Directors) play a critical role in administering exams.

Proctor’s Responsibilities

Aquifer requires that proctors are present during the exam to ensure that all exams are administered in a secure, proctored setting.

Exam Support

If an issue arises during the exam:

    1. Contact your institution’s technical support staff.
    2. Access Aquifer Exam Troubleshooting Tips.
    3. If neither of those addresses the issue, contact Aquifer’s exam support staff weekdays 8 am – 8 pm ET, except federal holidays.

Contact [email protected] or (603) 277-2060 with any questions about test administration activities.

Security Reminder

Please remind all faculty and students that all exam content is confidential and should not be shared with anyone, at any time, in any way.