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Aquifer Science


The Aquifer Sciences Initiative is a partnership between Aquifer and the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) to develop and disseminate teaching and learning tools that promote cognitive integration and collaborative teaching of basic and clinical sciences in health professions education.


The Aquifer Sciences course and resources are being developed by a nationally representative and multi-institutional team of over 100 leading science and clinical educators representing eleven core basic science disciplines and nine major clinical disciplines, working in collaboration with senior medical student curriculum interns selected through a competitive national process.

Aquifer Sciences Update: Phase Two is Underway

Pilot Schools have been selected and work is underway at each school, with teams of clinical and basic science educators, along with senior medical students, working together to create Virtual Patient Cases and Integrated Illness Scripts for clinical conditions routinely encountered in core clinical rotations. Read more…


The goals of the Aquifer Sciences Initiative are to provide evidence-based teaching and learning resources that promote:

  1. Effective cognitive integration of the basic and clinical sciences by clinical learners, ensuring excellence in clinical decision making that places patient care, quality, value and safety at a premium.
  2. Productive and collaborative teaching by basic and clinical science faculty to ensure learner’s foundational basic science knowledge is effectively organized for clinical practice and life-long learning.