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NYU Langone Health


A collection of 12 multimedia modules designed to educate learners (medical students, PA students, nursing students, and beginning interns) about potential medical issues they may encounter while they are on call.

Created by NYU School of Medicine.

Distributed by Aquifer on behalf of NYU School of Medicine. Available through an independent learning platform from your Aquifer account.


WISE-OnCall helps medical students prepare for their transition to residency through a symptom-based review of conditions that they will likely encounter while on call.

The modules provide a common, pre-residency learning experience to students with different undergraduate educational experiences, serving as a “refresher” to fill gaps in students’ clinical knowledge.

The offering currently includes 12 modules, each focusing on a particular symptom or clinical skill. Modules incorporate a didactic review of key concepts and causes associated with the presenting symptoms, simulated cases which model a residents response to on-call scenarios, case-based practice questions which allow the student to test their knowledge, and symptom checklists to help students focus on the larger constellation of symptoms when prioritizing their differential. The modules also stress the importance of and model appropriate interprofessional communication.