Setting up your new subscription—or getting started as a new administrator—is easy with Aquifer.  Our team is happy to arrange a personal video call for you and your educators to walk through the Aqueduct learning management systems, Aquifer courses, and help you get up and running quickly. Our searchable and sortable online support system provides detailed step-by-step help and our support desk is just an email or call away.

For a smooth and seamless start to your Aqueduct experience, start by reviewing these steps:

  • Make sure that your Program Service Administrator has been identified and has created their profile in Aqueduct to begin your subscription.
  • Carefully review Aqueduct roles and responsibilities to fully understand the available roles and their associated permissions. You have complete control over who can view reports, add student rosters, and access student data, the system is designed so you can manage your subscription in a way that best fits your program needs. Decide who will fill each of these roles in your program as the first step to your successful startup.
  • Prepare your student roster. Your student roster should consist of your students’ official institutional email addresses in a comma-separated (CSV) file in a format that can be copied and pasted into Aqueduct.
  • Gather administrative and teacher email addresses. Similar to your student roster information, you will want to have email addresses for everyone filling an administrative role in a comma separated file in a format that can be copied and pasted into Aqueduct.


Getting Started

Program Service Administrators, Curriculum Administrators, Course Administrators
  1. You should have received an invitation email from Aquifer inviting you to register in Aqueduct
  2. Follow the link in your invitation email to sign in to Aqueduct.
  3. Set up your password and complete your user profile.

Now that you are an active Aqueduct user, you can move forward setting up your student rosters, creating custom courses, assigning other administrator roles, and tracking student progress.

Next Steps: