Aquifer offers validated, online summative exams to accompany several of our courses at no additional charge through June 2020.

Aquifer exams link directly to Aquifer course learning objectives and case content and help to meet your unique curricular needs. Because Aquifer’s courses are comprehensively derived from national curricula, integrating Aquifer summative exams ensures that your students are tested on the most important clinical presentations they should experience during their clinical coursework—regardless of the number of virtual patients you require.

Aquifer exams are currently offered for:

Aquifer Family Medicine – Aquifer Internal Medicine – Aquifer Pediatrics – Aquifer Radiology

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Why Use Aquifer Exams?

Written by Experts: All of our assessment questions are written and peer-reviewed by teams of medical educators who have been trained to write questions in collaboration with leading assessment specialists. These select teams continue to critically evaluate and refine questions based on content updates and performance statistics.

Fully Validated: The questions have met rigorous statistical criteria at schools nationwide with a diversity of learners and curriculum.

No Additional Cost: For the 2018-19 subscription year Aquifer exams are available free of charge with your subscription to the corresponding Aquifer course.

Based on National Curricula: Our exams correspond to the curriculum standards set by our national organization collaborators.

Track & Compare Student Performance: Reports detailing individual student performance, performance distribution across students, and student performance by case are available following each exam. Directly compare how your students performed with the mean, median, and standard deviation of students from all schools using the exam at the end of the academic year.

Security Protocols: Aquifer’s multiple-choice exams are delivered in a secure browser environment. An exam proctor is required to be present during all Aquifer exams to ensure the validity of results.

Key Features Exam

Available with your Aquifer Internal Medicine subscription.

The Aquifer Internal Medicine Key Features Exam is a unique online examination focusing on students’ clinical decision-making and serving as a complement to the subject exam. The Key Features Exam was developed by a group of experienced internal medicine educators under the guidance of Dr. Georges Bordage, an expert in the key features approach, and underwent piloting and a multi-institutional validation study at medical schools around the US. It is an innovative assessment tool designed to assess clinical decision-making associated with the internal medicine curriculum and the Aquifer Internal Medicine course.

The Key Features Exam can be used to assess clinical decision-making by collecting data that indicates whether students have appropriately gained the capability to prioritize a differential diagnosis, select which historical, physical exam, or testing data are necessary to diagnose the problem, or identify the most appropriate management of the problem during their internal medicine clerkship. The exam meets rigorous psychometric and curricular standards, gives you case-level individual and class feedback, and provides national benchmark comparative data.

Aquifer is excited to share the publication of an important validation study of our own Key Features Exam (KFE) for Internal Medicine in Academic Medicine. The article, Validity Evidence for a Brief Online Key Features Examination in the Internal Medicine Clerkship, presents a range of evidence supporting the use of the Key Features Exam… read more.

Comprehensive Multiple Choice Exams

Complete 100-item online exams are currently available for:
Aquifer Family Medicine – Aquifer Pediatrics – Aquifer Radiology

Aquifer is excited to announce that the multiple-choice exams which accompany our Aquifer Family Medicine, Aquifer Pediatrics, and Aquifer Radiology courses will be transitioning from their current summative format into a new, innovative formative assessment tool. The anticipated transition date is July 2020. View the full announcement about Aquifer’s change in assessment strategy.

These online, validated, multiple-choice summative exams include an assortment of questions related to cases presented in random order and are designed to test how well students have learned the concepts presented. In addition, the data from these exams enables Aquifer to analyze student performance on each item, providing valuable information to our editorial boards and strengthening our ability to provide comparative national data for each exam.

Please note that as part of the Aquifer Radiology exam is a subset of the AMSER Standardized Exam, students should not take both.

Exam Requests

For security purposes, an Aquifer exam may be requested only by your institution’s designated Course Administrator.  If you are the Course Administrator and would like to request an Aquifer Exam, please complete our Exam Request Form.