Aquifer serves our vast community of educators at by providing an interactive and informative experience for students. Aqueduct, our versatile learning management system, provides the features that you need—reporting, easy access, and custom courses.

The Most Informative & Up-to-Date Content

Aquifer is known and respected for developing trusted, award-winning virtual case-based courses. Aquifer collaborates with national organizations in each discipline to ensure that our content covers the full breadth of their curriculum and is aligned with national curriculum standards. The Aquifer Educators Consortium is an active network of top educators—expert members of the national organizations in each field of study—who write, edit, and constantly update our cases. You can be assured that Aquifer courses are comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate, and pedagogically-sound to provide the best learning experience possible for your students.

  • Realistic case scenarios delivering national curriculum standards

Educator Guides & Resources

Your Aquifer subscription includes access to a wealth of Educator Guides, resources, and tools to help you integrate our courses into your curriculum and make the most of your Aquifer course subscriptions.

Educator Guides provide a quick reference guide for all cases, resources, and features included with associated Aquifer course. The Educator Guide is ideal for educators who are getting started using Aquifer, or experienced users who want to be sure they are taking advantage of Aquifer’s extensive resources and tools.

Additional resources and teaching tools include Flipped Classroom Workshops (Radiology), Active Learning Modules and Case Analysis Tool (Pediatrics), and Real World Application Activities (High Value Care).

Educator Guides & Resources

User Story Videos

Hear from top educators around the country who are using Aquifer to provide consistent clinical experiences, complete coverage of national curriculum standards, self-directed learning, and remediation opportunities for their students. Potential subscribers and experienced users alike can learn from insights and experiences shared in our user story videos.