Why Aquifer?

When you subscribe to Aquifer, you get more than just our cases. In addition to our unmatched course content, Aquifer provides valuable tools, features, and services for learners, faculty, and administrators. There’s a reason that over 12 million cases have been completed since our founding in 2006. Learn more about the unique learning tools and non-profit community Aquifer provides with each subscription.



Included with Your Subscription:



The Most Informative and Up-to-date Content

Evidence-based, peer-reviewed, and continuously updated to support the best practices in teaching and learning. Learn more...


Full Coverage of Your National Curriculum

Developed with the leading national educator organizations to deliver national curriculum standards. Learn more...

Expertise of the Aquifer Educators Consortium

300+ top healthcare educators working on interdisciplinary teams to develop, review, and update content. Learn more...

Student Confidence in Clinical Decision-Making

Designed to develop the skills that students need to become successful practitioners. Learn more...



Customizable Content & Tools


Build custom courses from subscribed content, manage users, and track student progress to fit your needs. Learn more...


Native Mobile Access


Free iOS and Android apps access cases anytime, anywhere--including working offline. Learn more...


Dedicated Live Support


Expert staff providing personalized training, tech support, and 24/7 interactive guidance and resources. Learn more...


Investment in the Future of Healthcare Education


Your subscription dollars support our non-profit mission of advancing healthcare education. Learn more...



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Aquifer provides a free demo case for each of our subscription-based courses, and free access to our interdisciplinary courses on key topics. Viewing our demo cases is a great way to get a taste of the student experience in each course.

If you would like a more in-depth exploration of Aquifer’s content and administrative features, please contact us to request a trial subscription.

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Aquifer's Signature Course Content

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