Aquifer is a non-profit organization known and respected for developing trusted, award-winning virtual case-based courses for health professions education. Aquifer courses are evidence-based, peer-reviewed, and continuously updated to support best practices in clinical teaching and learning. Aquifer cases build clinical decision-making skills through realistic patient scenarios.

A growing number of nurse practitioner programs—and 95% of US allopathic medical schools—are putting Aquifer’s trusted, rigorous clinical learning tools to work for their students. Aquifer courses are also used in physician assistant, international, and osteopathic medical programs.

All clinical rotations are not created equal.

Nurse Practitioner Programs across the country are using Aquifer to:

  • provide a safe space for students to gain confidence and build clinical decision-making skills.
  • level the playing field on clinical rotations by providing access to key conditions and patients needed to gain foundational knowledge.
  • support students with a proven resource for structured remediation and supplemental learning.
  • enhance didactic lectures and class discussions with engaging, realistic patient scenarios.
  • give faculty a comprehensive, flexible teaching tool that can be customized to fit the needs of each course.
  • elevate courses throughout their program by incorporating a trusted clinical learning tool used in interprofessional education.


Teaching & Learning Solutions

Our nurse practitioner subscribers are making the most of Aquifer’s:

  • wide range of discipline-specific courses and cases that allow full integration across your program.
  • free interdisciplinary courses on key topics—like High Value Care and Diagnostic Excellence—to use throughout your curriculum.
  • friendly, prompt, and helpful support for students and faculty.
  • helpful student study resources like expert answer explanations and printable case summaries.

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