To ensure a private and secure exam environment, Aquifer requires its online exams to be administered on computers configured with a secure exam browser. A secure exam browser temporarily restricts the computer from using any other browser for the duration of the exam, preventing the access of other websites or files. The secure exam browser application used by Aquifer is called Safe Exam Browser.

If you plan to take an Aquifer online exam using your own desktop or laptop, you will need to spend just a few minutes to perform a two-step process that prepares your computer for the exam by downloading the Safe Exam Browser and the Exam Portal.

This should be done days or weeks in advance of the actual exam. It is critical that Step 1 be performed before Step 2. Detailed instructions for both steps—and links to downloads—are provided below.

Before the Day of Your Exam

Follow these steps to install software that will prevent access to other websites or files during your exam. These files are only intended to be used while you are taking your exam.

DO NOT OPEN or double click on these files before your exam–this will lock your computer down immediately.

This lock out feature is the Safe Exam Browser working as it is intended, and is what is supposed to happen when it is launched — but it is not intended to be launched until the time of your exam.

If you inadvertently open one of these, the only way to exit this is a hard shutdown of your computer.

A “hard shutdown” is continuously holding your power button until the machine completely powers down. The operating system will generate options to shut down with a pop-up, but you should ignore those and just continue to hold the power until the machine goes completely off.

When it’s Time to Take the Exam

  1. Open the folder on your desktop that you created labeled “Aquifer Exam” and find the Exam Portal file that looks similar to this: 
  2. Launch this (double click). This will automatically open the Safe Exam Browser application.
  3. The browser will ask if you want to Quit or Start. If you are ready to take the exam, choose Start.
  4. The Exam Portal page will look like this:

*** Note: Our exam portal will be updating to the Aquifer name and branding this summer.

  1. Use the login and password your proctor has given you to start the exam.

Having Trouble?

Administrators & educators: View our Exam Troubleshooting guide or contact Exam Support.