As a Curriculum Administrator, Course Administrator or Program Service Administrator,  you have the permission to reset one or more cases for a single student or a group of students at the same time. Resetting a student’s case deletes all the data that has been recorded during a student’s time spent on the case. This includes student progress; student’s responses to questions; and all notes, findings, diagnoses and bookmarks from the Clinical Reasoning Toolbar. Resetting a case is final – no previous data will be obtained.

Resetting cases can only be done from within a custom course. Learn how to create a custom course.

Please Note: You can create a temporary custom course that you can delete once you have reset the student(s) case or cases.

1. From within your custom course, click on the More Actions button.

6. This opens a new page entitled Course Management. Two columns of data will be presented directly below Course Management.  The column on the left is Select Cases… The column on the right is Select Users…  You will use both columns of information to reset the appropriate case for the appropriate student.

7. From the column on the left, Select Cases, you may choose the appropriate case(s) by using Select All Shown (blue button), which provides the option of selecting all cases that are shown on the screen. If you Select All Shown all cases will be automatically highlighted in blue indicating that you have selected all cases shown on the screen.  If you have inadvertently selected all the cases shown and want to change your choice, you may choose Deselect All (blue button) which will change the list of cases back to white.

8. Another option in Select Cases… includes using the Search… option to find a specific course. This is a good option if you want to reset only one case.

9. Once you have successfully selected your case(s) in the left-hand column, move to the right-hand column to select the person for whom you want to reset the case.

10. From the Select Users… column you may use the same search functions as outlined above.  Once you have selected the appropriate user (whose email/name should be highlighted in blue if you have appropriately chosen the user) you may proceed to the next step.

11. Confirm that the case you want and the user you want is highlighted in blue in both columns. Then choose Reset Cases, which is a blue button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

12. You will then be immediately redirected to the course page which indicates that you have successfully reset the case(s) and are done.