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After students are added to your program, it’s easy to manage your student users in Aqueduct. Administrative users with student user management permissions (view roles and permissions) have the ability to:

  • Remove rostered students from your program
  • Export a student list
  • Send email invitations to students at any time
  • Sort and filter students in a variety of ways

At the start of each academic year, please remove students who no longer need to access Aquifer courses. This will keep your user counts accurate, make your student user list easy to manage, and keep your account up-to-date.

The Student User Panel

To access the student user panel, click on Users in the top navigation. From the program users page, click on the Students tab.


Student User Management Tools

Managing your student users is easy with the ability to send email invitations and export user lists.

Removing Students from Your Program

Removing students from your program will discontinue their access to your Aquifer courses.

Warning: Download Reports Before Removing Students

Be sure to download any and all reporting associated with the student/students you are planning to remove. Once removed, a student’s coursework will not appear on the case or course reports.

There are two ways to remove students from your program.

Note: When students are removed from a program, they are automatically added to the Aquifer Alumni program. From the Alumni program, they will be able to access Aquifer’s free course content or purchase an individual subscription or continuing education module.