With your institutional subscription, Aquifer provides a wide range of invaluable learning resources—available at no additional cost. We hope that you will explore—and make use of—the many tools available to your learners. 



Free Courses

Educators use our interdisciplinary courses on key public health topics and clinical skills as capstone courses or for integrating individual cases with subscribed content into a custom course.

Just like our primary courses, this content was written and edited by experts in collaboration with leading national organizations:

Exams and Assessment

Aquifer offers online validated, summative exams derived from national curriculum standards. Aquifer Exams are used to replace or enhance an existing comprehensive assessment or to remediate students.

Key Features Exam: Aquifer Internal Medicine– An innovative assessment designed to assess clinical decision-making.

Custom Courses

Are you using the custom course functionality to pick and choose cases that perfectly fit your program’s needs? Educators use this feature for longitudinal integrated clerkships and special topics electives. Other programs are enhancing our existing courses by adding cases(from Radiology, Addiction, Geriatrics, etc.) or organizing cases by system.

Other benefits of using custom courses include tailored reportingeasy exam rosters, and more. Learn how to create a custom course…

Educator Resources

Aquifer’s Educator Resources, available for some courses, provide tools to help educators bring their Aquifer courses to the classroom. Resources include active learning modules, case analysis toolkits, questions for further consideration, and educator guides.

To access our Educator Resources, sign in to Aqueduct and visit your “Courses” pages. Click on “Educator Resources” in the teal bar at the top of your page to find the available resources for your subscribed courses.