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After administrators are added to your program, it’s easy to manage your administrative users in Aqueduct. Users with administrative user management permissions (view roles and permissions for details) have the ability to:

  • Remove administrators from your program
  • Export an administrative user list
  • Edit administrator user roles
  • Send email invitations to administrators at any time
  • Sort and filter administrators in a variety of ways

The Administrative User Panel

The administrative user panel provides at-a-glance information and useful tools to help you manage your users.

To access the administrative user panel, click on Users in the top navigation after you have signed in.

Administrative User Management Tools

Our user management tools make it quick and easy to edit and export users, or send email reminders to your unregistered users.

Removing Administrative Users from Your Program

Removing admin users from your program will discontinue their access to your Aquifer courses and reporting. There are two ways to remove admin users from your program.