Institutional subscriptions offer easy-to-manage yearly course access for your entire program and are by far our most popular subscription option. Institutional subscriptions include much more than access to our cases. Subscribers have access to a range of valuable resources, teaching tools, assessment options, and features to enrich and customize your Aquifer experience.

About Institutional Subscriptions:

  • Institutional subscriptions are applicable to a single-accredited program at your institution.  Institutional subscriptions may not be shared across separately accredited programs at your institution.
  • Our pricing tiers are based on total enrollment for your program (pre-clinical through clinical years inclusive). While we understand many programs limit Aquifer course usage to the clinical years, total program enrollment pricing allows us to objectively verify enrollment across a wide array of appropriate accreditation bodies around the world. As a result, access is available to ALL faculty and students in your program—and we encourage you to use courses for all levels of learners.
  • Once you purchase a subscription, courses are available to all faculty and students in your program. We encourage you to use Aquifer courses with all levels of learners. Prices are designed to be reasonable even if only clinical students are accessing them.
  • Our bundled pricing structure offers discounts for purchase of multiple courses for full-year institutional subscriptions completed on a single invoice.
  • Aquifer accepts the following payment methods: check, wire transfer, and ACH payment. Credit cards are not accepted for institutional subscriptions.
  • Aquifer’s susbscription year runs from July 1 – June 30.
  • For programs starting a new subscription or adding a course at a time other than July 1, pro-rated pricing is available for the first year.

Read our complete Subscriber Agreement or download a pdf version.

Next Steps

Subscription Inquiry

Our dedicated Business Development Managers are happy to assist you with all of your subscription needs.

Please note that purchase and activation of a new Aquifer institutional subscription can take anywhere from several weeks to several months, depending on your institution’s official purchasing processes.

For programs new to Aquifer, or programs looking to add additional courses to their subscriptions, please complete the form below: