Aquifer is developing new formative assessments for test-enhanced learning. As the non-profit leader in clinical learning, Aquifer is pleased to create high-quality assessments for learning to accompany clinical rotations for Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Radiology. 

Research shows that focused, repetitive practice spaced over time improves recall and transfer of knowledge. Aquifer is combining the concepts of test-enhanced learning and distributed practice to create shorter, more frequent assessments that will help build more efficient, effective learners.

Test-enhanced learning & Aquifer’s Evidence-Based Approach

At this stage, we’re pleased to share that Aquifer’s formative assessments will:

  • Be included, at no additional cost, with your subscription to the corresponding Aquifer course
  • Allow for shorter, more frequent assessments to enable earlier, targeted formulation of individualized learning goals for each student and inform curricular planning
  • Provide students with performance reports to calibrate their knowledge and confidence through feedback linked to learning objectives, teaching points, and Aquifer cases for self-directed learning
  • Provide faculty and administrators with structured mid-clerkship feedback and a way to more easily identify at-risk students and curricular gaps
  • Not require proctoring. Administrators will schedule assessments, setting open and close times. Students will self-start the timed assessment from any laptop or desktop.
  • Utilize our deep pools of current questions which have undergone rigorous psychometric and content validation over the past decade—and are used by over 90 programs nationwide

We’re excited to share a detailed update and ask for your feedback as we hone the development of these new assessment tools.

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Existing Exam Update: Available Through July 2021

Our summative 100-question multiple-choice exams for Aquifer Family Medicine, Pediatrics, and Radiology will continue to be available in their current format until June 2021. Aquifer will no longer offer a summative exam option beyond June 2021.

The Aquifer Internal Medicine Clinical Decision-Making Exam, formerly the Key Features Exam, will not be impacted and will continue to be available at no cost for subscribers of Aquifer Internal Medicine. In addition, formative assessment tools to accompany our Internal Medicine course are in development.

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