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The Aquifer Internal Medicine Clinical Decision-Making Exam in the key features format aligns directly with CDIM’s national curriculum. This exam, validated in a recent study published in Academic Medicine, is the first designed for use in U.S. medical schools utilizing the key features approach, which focuses on challenging decisions in diagnosis and management to target critical decision points. The Clinical Decision-Making Exam (formerly the Key Features Exam) is included with your institutional subscription to Aquifer Internal Medicine.

The Aquifer Internal Medicine Clinical Decision-Making Exam is a unique online examination focusing on students’ clinical decision-making and serving as a complement to the subject exam. The Clinical Decision-Making Exam was developed in the key features format by a group of experienced Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine (CDIM) educators under the guidance of Dr. Georges Bordage, an expert in the key features approach.

The validation study for this exam was recently published in Academic Medicine. Validity Evidence for a Brief Online Key Features Examination in the Internal Medicine Clerkship, presents a range of evidence supporting the use of the Key Features Exam as a complementary assessment during the third-year internal medicine clerkship, specifically to test clinical decision-making skills. This publication is the result of a multi-institutional validation study led by Valerie Lang, MD, MHPE, Aquifer Academic Director for Assessment, and a team that included Aquifer Educators Consortium members Dr. Kirk Bronander and Dr. Heather Harrell.

This exam can be used to assess clinical decision-making by collecting data that indicates whether students have appropriately gained the capability to:

  • Prioritize a differential diagnosis
  • Select which historical, physical exam or testing data are necessary to diagnose the problem
  • Identify the most appropriate management of the problem

The exam meets rigorous psychometric and curricular standards and provides:

  • Individual feedback
  • Class feedback
  • Case-level feedback

Exam Requests

For security purposes, an Aquifer exam may be requested only by your institution’s designated Course Administrator.  If you are the Course Administrator and would like to request an Aquifer Exam, please complete our Exam Request Form.