The Integrated E-Learning System from Aquifer

Delivering Complete Course Control

Aquifer’s dynamic courses are delivered through Aqueduct, our proprietary learning management system. Aqueduct, developed at Aquifer and launched in June 2017, enables administrators and educators to access course content, build custom courses, manage users, and track student progress—in an easy-to-use platform.


Access Aquifer Courses

Via Aqueduct, Aquifer courses are available anytime, anywhere—on any schedule, at any pace. Students use Aqueduct to complete their case experiences. Administrators utilize Aqueduct to view and manage courses within their subscription. And—as an added educational resource—Aquifer subscribers gain access to a range of free interdisciplinary courses, covering key issues in healthcare education, to use on their own or integrate into a custom course.

Create Custom Courses

Make the best use of Aquifer’s deep resources: design a completely customized course experience that is specific to your curriculum.

With Aqueduct, it’s easy to mix and match cases from courses within your subscription or from our free cross-disciplinary courses to create a custom course that directly corresponds to your curriculum and your course rotations. Building a custom course allows you to organize your users and content, access tailored reporting, and generate exam rosters if you are using one of Aquifer’s validated online exams.

Track Student Progress

With clear and simple reporting—by student, case, course,  or program level—Aqueduct provides easy access to student progress through our courses. View student progress and course usage, export reports, and quickly scan students’ summary statements in our easy-to-use reporting dashboard.

Manage Users 

Aqueduct user management tools offer complete control to customize user experiences based on your program’s needs and staffing structure. Decide who has access to work in courses, build student rosters, and view reporting.