Aquifer Radiology (formerly CORE) attended the Association of University Radiologists Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida on May 7-10, 2018. It was wonderful to meet with our subscribers and the community of radiology educators. Our activities included:

Our Booth

Where: Outside National C, just around the corner from Registration

When: Monday (10am-5pm), Tuesday & Wednesday (6:30am-5pm), Thursday (6:30am-12pm)

Members of the Aquifer Radiology Course Board were available at the booth to offer educator-to-educator advice on curriculum integration, ways to use the course, and details on our validated, summative exam. Eileen Olszewski, Director of Relationship Management, was also available to answer questions about Aqueduct, our learning management system, and provide course and system demonstrations.


  • The Aquifer Radiology Exam
    Our team has been hard at work writing new exam questions, which will be added to our the question bank for our validated, summative 100-question multiple-choice exam in July. Aquifer is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date content for both our courses and exams. Remember, the Aquifer Radiology exam is included at no additional charge with your Aquifer Radiology subscription!
  • Using Custom Courses
    In Aqueduct, it’s easy to create a custom course to fit your curriculum. Select a subset of cases, integrate radiology cases into other disciplines, or build a new elective—our system allows complete flexibility to meet the unique needs of your program.
  • Our Open Teaching & Learning Lead Position
    The Aquifer Radiology Course Board is recruiting a new member to fill the role of Teaching and Learning Lead. The Teaching & Learning Lead works to increase engagement of faculty and student users of Aquifer Radiology and participates in the yearly review and updating of course materials. This position, open to AUR members who are current users of Aquifer Radiology, is a great opportunity for someone who wants to start developing their national career. Contact Michelle McNamara, Aquifer Radiology Senior Director, if you are interested in learning more about the position.

Instructional E-Poster

Leveling the Playing Field: Boot-Camp Style Use of Aquifer Radiology Cases and Workshops for Incoming Radiology Residents

National Ballroom D
On display throughout the meeting
Presented Wednesday 7am-7:15 am, E-poster Station 9

Participants: Lee A. Myers, Jeffery Hogg, Sravanthi Reddy, Pauline Germaine, Petra J. Lewis

Authors from four University residencies describe their similar use of Aquifer Radiology (formerly CORE) cases and Flipped Classroom Workshops for initial Boot-camp style instruction of new R1 residents. Details and differences of methods are presented, including the use of peer-to-near-peer teaching to promote teacher/learner community, and a single faculty to standardize teaching from year to year. Beneficial effects of this Boot-camp curriculum early in the R1 year on the “learner” residents, the “teacher” residents, and the overall program are the focus of this poster. The outcomes exceed simply remediating a disparity in the provision of radiology education among different medical schools. Several additional beneficial effects are described, including: creating communities of teaching-learning partnerships among teacher-learner of different levels, providing potent substrate for cultivation of positive relationships among program personnel, lowering barriers for becoming engaged in teaching activities, making and sustaining an ongoing atmosphere of co-equal primacy of education with patient care in our academic health centers, and opportunities for laddered mentorship.